# CK0012T

The top, back, and side woods used in the construction of this stunning tenor ukulele are solid, Master Grade 5A Curly Koa.  This wood is highly figured  and when book matched and joined possesses a light colored sap wood stripe running down the center (front and back).  The overall beauty of this wood is accented and highlighted with a  rock maple neck, laminated with contrasting hardwood, for added strength and to accent the  rich coloring of the instrument’s tone wood.  This instrument also features an open headstock and hibiscus flower side sound port.  Due to the Modified Kasha internal bracing, accompanied with the ‘warm” nature of the Koa wood, the overall sustain and tonal qualities of this instrument are excellent.  This ukulele is a true gem!

Other features include:

Curly Koa

Included with every Ke’Ano Ukulele Purchase

Plush hardshell case with tough tweed exterior

Cleaning cloth to keep your instrument looking its best

Clip-on digital electronic tuner

Ke’Ano Ukulele T-Shirt (please send email to specify size)

Free shipping, handling and insurance included

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