The craftsmanship is obvious upon feeling the instrument grade finish of this beautifully designed card case.  Each case is fashioned and constructed from contrasting solid hardwoods and features an innovative hinge mechanism allowing you to close it up to slip it into your purse or pocket or open it up, fold it back, and proudly display it atop your desk.  Having the overall dimensions of 4 1/8” x 2 3/4” x 3/8” gives this item a storage capacity of approximately 10 business cards for conveniently offering to potential new clients and/or customers.  Laser engraving of your name, web address or logo on this business card holder is available (see pricing below) and will definitely create a lasting impression.

Business Card Case


When adding personalization to your card case please add an additional $5.00 for the addition of your name or web address to the presentation lip.

Branding the card case cover with a business name or logo also requires an additional $5.00 per card case with permission granted on company letterhead to utilize the logo and/or business name.


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