S/N E-BUB0015T

This isn’t just another instrument … this is one sweet ukulele.  Modeled and designed after the Ke’Ano Ukulele Trademark / Logo this instrument was three years in the making.  Coming in at only two inches thick the reduced size sound chamber produces an amazing amount of      un-amplified sound due to the overall (patent pending) design and construction of the ukulele’s body.  The arm of the individual playing the instrument rests upon the outer solid wood frame and never comes into direct contact with sound board of the ukulele’s body.  Try it for yourself using your current instrument …. Hold it as you normally would with your arm slightly resting on the soundboard and strum the open strings.  Listen to the overall volume and tone. Now, move your arm so that it does not come into contact with the sound board and once again strum the open strings taking note of the overall volume and tonal quality.  The tone is brighter (less muted) and the volume is significantly increased.

Granted, this instrument is primarily designed to be played as an electric / amplified instrument; but whether you want to rock-out with the big boys or quietly play and practice by yourself or for that special person …. the Ke’Ano BREEZE is for you.

This is a custom built instrument and features an open head stock and sound hole design of your choosing.  Additional custom personalization's are limited only by the limits of our combined imaginations.  Other features include:

The Truly Unique

Included with every Ke’Ano Ukulele Purchase

Cleaning cloth to keep your instrument looking its best

Clip-on digital electronic tuner

Ke’Ano Ukulele T-Shirt (please send email to specify size)

Free shipping, handling and insurance included

Terms & Conditions $1550
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